Three vital services
Water, energy and sanitation

At CASSA, we focus on self-sufficient design and construction. By “self-sufficient”, we mean that the building itself actively provides vital resources like water, energy and sanitation, which helps the inhabitants save money and gain independence from irregular or costly public services.


Water is our most vital resource. All life on this planet depends on this precious liquid. Even so, almost 30% of all human beings lack a reliable source of clean water. Human activity is placing great strain on the availability of water resources for everyone. Many places already suffer shortages, and it is a crisis that could worsen in coming years.

At CASSA we advise, design and build water systems for any application. We work on the complete cycle, from catchment/supply, storage, filtration, distribution, treatment, reutilization and re-absorption. Using appropriate technologies and methods, we provide robust systems capable of actively supplying clean water, thus maximizing efficiency in the usage of available resources and reducing ecological footprint.



There exist many solutions that allow us to generate and utilize energy in renewable, efficient and clean ways. Using solar panels and/or wind turbines, at CASSA we help our clients generate electricity that can be used interconnected to the grid or in off-grid solutions. This energy independence offers our clients economic savings and protection against the volatility of global energy markets.

Using bio-climactic design, which incorporates natural building materials in the construction as well as natural lighting and ventilation, we greatly reduce the energy footprint of construction. We also integrate solar hot water treatment, as well as appropriate cooking solutions through highly efficient stoves that greatly reduce consumption of fuels, which are usually dirty and costly.



In Latin America and for more than 2 billion people worldwide, the lack of access to sanitation causes severe diseases and pollution. By not properly managing human waste, many diseases are transmitted leading to many premature deaths, as well as economic loss and the contamination of water sources.

At CASSA we provide integral sanitation systems for any construction. We design and build treatment systems for grey water and black water, for residential or commercial uses. Our systems separate, filter and treat used waters until meeting necessary quality indicators.


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