Casa Guanacaste, zona 18 Ciudad – English

Casa Guanacaste – English
July 4, 2016
Conjunto de Apartamentos, Santa Rosa – English
July 4, 2016

Casa Guanacaste, zona 18 Ciudad – English

Area: 91m2

Price: Q265,000 (~$34,000)

Location: Zone 18, Guatemala City

Services: Design, Planning, Construction

Construction materials: Bamboo, stone, concrete blocks

Located in one of the densest urban zones of Guatemala City, and taking advantage of the large amounts of stone found onsite for the first floor walls this house utilizes the topography to embed the first level into the terrain, expanding the beautiful views towards the city. The second floor was built entirely with bamboo, appropriately cured and treated to ensure its longevity. Stucco was added to the exterior of the bamboo walls, and the interiors were left exposed to create a cozy environment. This two-story house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, studio, and a 2-car garage. Like all CASSA homes, it integrates all services; clean water, energy, and sanitation, through sustainable design to include rainwater collection, cistern for water storage, a water pump for the redistribution inside the home, solar panels, LED lighting, an efficient smokeless stove, separation of gray and black waters, a vegetable garden fed with gray water, and a black water treatment system.

Design Team: Jaime Malouf, Ana Lucía Gadala-María