Casa Roble, Sololá – English

Casa Roble – English
julio 4, 2016
Casa Guanacaste – English
julio 4, 2016

Casa Roble, Sololá – English


Area: 62m2

Price: Q125,000 (~$16,000)

Location: Concepción, Sololá

Construction materials: adobe, bamboo, concrete

Located not to far from the town of Sololá, surrounded by a forest and a view onto the mountains that surround Lake Atitlán, this house was created from the soil found onsite that happened to be the appropriate composition to make adobe blocks. This house has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen. Like all CASSA homes, it integrates all services; clean water, energy, and sanitation, through sustainable design to include rainwater collection, cistern for water storage, a water pump for the redistribution inside the home, solar panels, LED lighting, an efficient smokeless stove, separation of gray and black waters, a fruit garden fed with gray water, and a black water treatment system.

Design Team: Ana Lucía Gadala-María, Alexis Washington