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Diseño Caoba


125 m2

  • 3 Dormitorios
  • 2 Baños
  • Sala
  • Comedor
  • Cocina
  • Paneles solares
  • Captación de agua lluvia
  • Saneamiento (Sistema propio de drenaje)
  • Cisterna de 5,000 litros, filtros y bomba de agua
  •  Acabado de alta calidad
  • Materiales de construcción sostenibles
  • Mano de obra, supervisión y garantía

This design exclusively uses natural building materials, bamboo, wood and stone, to create ample and comfortable environments, in a minimalist and elegant style. The large windows allow total natural lighting in the living and dining room and kitchen, simultaneously allowing connection with the living space in the outdoor deck. The stone walls, double-sided bamboo walls and the chimney offer a thermal environment for a range of climates. Its inverted roof allows higher amplitude in the bedrooms and social areas.