Modelo Coralillo – Lagunas de Monterrico


47 m2

  • 2 Dormitorios
  • 1 Baño
  • Sala
  • Comedor
  • Cocina
  • 1 Mezanine
  • Paneles solares
  • Captación de agua lluvia
  • Saneamiento (Sistema propio de drenaje)
  • Cisterna de 5,000 litros, filtros y bomba de agua
  • Acabado de alta calidad
  • Materiales de construcción sostenibles
  • Mano de obra, supervisión y garantía
Casa Coralillo was built entirely of bamboo with plastered matting in the hot climate of Monterrico. It is a design that makes the most of the space with an open social area that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen. The private area is made up of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The roof of the house is gabled and rises a little to allow a loft area over the bathroom that can be used as a study or extra bedroom, achieving a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. The house has large windows on all its facades to provide maximum ventilation and natural lighting possible, this allows spaces to remain fresh and welcoming.