Modelo Ficus


125 m2

  •  3 Dormitorios
  •  2 Baño completos
  • 1/2 baño
  •  Sala
  •  Comedor
  •  Cocina
  • 36 m2 de pérgola
  •  Paneles solares
  •  Captación de agua lluvia
  •  Saneamiento (Sistema propio de drenaje)
  •  Cisterna de 5,000 litros, filtros y bomba de agua
  •  Acabado de alta calidad
  •  Materiales de construcción sostenibles
  •  Mano de obra, supervisión y garantía
Located in the surroundings of a wonderful lagoon, this modern two-story house built with natural materials takes advantage of the spectacular views of sunrise and sunset with its large windows. The first level has a reinforced concrete structure with large beams that allows a totally open space with a bamboo slab that shows the beautiful interaction between both materials. In this space is the social area with living room, dining room, kitchen and a bamboo pergola that manages to perfectly combine the interior and exterior. The second level is a fully repelled bamboo structure made up of three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Its high ceilings and large windows, in addition to providing slenderness to the construction, provide great comfort to its users with its ventilation and natural lighting. This is a great example that natural materials are also adapted to modern constructions and new architectural trends.