Modelo Guachipilín

San Pedro Sacatepéquez

74 m2

  •  3 Dormitorios
  •  2 Baños completos
  •  Sala
  •  Comedor
  •  Cocina
  •  Terraza
  •  Paneles solares
  •  Captación de agua lluvia
  •  Saneamiento (Sistema propio de drenaje)
  •  Cisterna de 5,000 litros, filtros y bomba de agua
  •  Acabado de alta calidad
  •  Materiales de construcción sostenibles
  •  Mano de obra, supervisión y garantía
This totally circular two-level design shows that curved spaces can be very well used and creative in their furniture. It is designed with a completely bamboo structure and inside it has a double height that allows you to see the slenderness and beauty of this exposed material. Its curved shape helps to create more intimate and welcoming environments for its users.