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Casa Hexagonal

San Lucas Sacatepéquez

166 m2

• 5 Habitaciones • 2 Sala/comedor/cocina • 4 Baños completos •1 Gimnasio •1 Walk-in closet • Paneles solares • Captación de agua lluvia • Saneamiento • Cisterna de 5,000 litros, filtros y bomba de agua • Acabado de alta calidad • Materiales de construcción sostenible y mano de obra • Supervisión y garantía.

This unique and beautiful home🏡in Sacatepéquez was built based on designs inspired by nature. Hexagons, geometry found from honeycombs🐝 to our cells, are integrated throughout the architecture. The 3-level building is mainly made up of bamboo🌾, with concrete frames. In its 166 m2, there is an independent apartment on the 1st level with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living/dining/kitchen. The main house, on the 2nd and 3rd level, has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living/dining/kitchen, 1 gym, 1 walk-in closet.