Modelo Roble


63 m2

  •  2 Dormitorios
  •  1 Baño completo
  •  Sala
  •  Comedor
  •  Cocina
  •  Paneles solares
  •  Captación de agua lluvia
  •  Saneamiento (Sistema propio de drenaje)
  •  Cisterna de 5,000 litros, filtros y bomba de agua
  •  Acabado de alta calidad
  •  Materiales de construcción sostenibles
  •  Mano de obra, supervisión y garantía

Situated on a piece of land not far from Sololá, in the middle of a forest and with a view towards the mountains that surround Lake Atitlán, this home was built from the same earth on which it stands, with adobe as its primary building material. Adobe provides the home and ancestral charm and excellent thermal comfort. In the interior of the home, the walls and divisions are made with bamboo.