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Remodelación El Ahumado


Vivienda unifamilar de 95 m2: 2 dormitorios, 1 baño, sala, comedor, cocina

This remodelling located only a few meters from the beach, completely restored the home of a family that had been living in precarious environments, where the salt had already deteriorated some of the block walls, in adddition to the normal decar of the perishable material from which the house was built. The construction took advantage of the existing foundation and the spaces were reconfigured to allow greater comfort to its inhabitants. A new bamboo structure was erected for the walls and the roof, changing the thatch palm roof, for an oven-painted metal roofing sheet, isolated with an underlying bamboo mat. This unique design contemplates the high local temperatures, leaving plentiful ventilation and environments that combine indoor and outdoor living. The broken clay floor was used to create a nice wall base. The house has energy efficient and grey water separation that is used in a family garden.